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Where Nature meets Tech


From the City of Lahti

European Green Capital 2021 and the world's fourth most sustainable city. It's not only the guardian of the biggest and cleanest aquifers in the country, it's also the gateway to Finnish Lakeland, Europe's largest lake region.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Fully environmentally-friendly across all production lines and streams.


Explore Our Collection

All our products are designed to bring you natural spring water straight from Finland, so you can enjoy its distinctive refreshing taste anytime, anywhere.


Sharing love, giving hope responsibly through clean water

Since Day One, that's been our biggest dream and greatest ambition. We’re united by our passion for the crisp, clean taste of natural spring water as well as respect for nature.

We know that water is life, so we pursue a strict environmental policy that aims to limit the impact of our operations. We work hand-in-hand with local authorities to ensure we never take more than nature can provide. Our water is sustainably sourced from springs bubbling up naturally to the surface. No drilling, pumping or other harm done in the process. Just what we think is the world’s sweetest H2O… for you, without costing the earth.

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